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Player must be Puerto Rican or be of Puerto Rican descent. Be of age/gender for the specific team we are building i.e U19, Men’s National Team, Women’s National Team, etc. These team are age specific and the guidance for any respective team will be included along with the announcement for establishing a respective team.

What is the purpose of the assessment?

Players will be encouraged to attend assessments, go through various testing as part of the player assessment. The purpose of the player assessment is to observe the lacrosse skills and athletic ability of the individual being assessed.

What happens after the assessment? Did I make the cut?

We don’t cut anyone. Upon completion of the assessment, the player will have the initial portion of Team Puerto Rico gear.  Every player assessed will maintain the official “Team Puerto Rico” practice uniform for use in future tournaments we enter. Players will be given a 1-year Puerto Rico Lacrosse Inc. membership, and they will be placed on a depth chart. This depth chart will continually adjust as players attend official Puerto Rico Lacrosse events (tournaments, games, practices, assessments, etc.) The more of our events that you are able to attend, the more accurately we can place you on the depth chart. There are no limits on how many times you can attend a player assessment.

For every official game/tournament that we participate in, we may pull the top players from the depth chart to travel as the “Puerto Rico National Team.” For some events, we will be able to submit multiple rosters and therefore if you’re unable to break into the top of the depth chart, you can still compete as a member of “Team Puerto Rico.”

As an assessed player, the goal is to continually climb the depth chart so that you can make it on the “World Games” roster.

If you attend an assessment, you’re officially part of “Team Puerto Rico.” Again, no one gets cut.

Players Code

  • Control your temper and resist the temptation to retaliate if you feel you have been wronged.

  • Cooperate with your coaches, teammates, opponents, and referees in games, practices, and at tournaments and obey the instructions of your coaches and referees.

  • Do not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct with any referee, coach, player, parent, or any other person, including booing or taunting, or verbally criticizing referee calls, coaching decisions, plays in the field or game results, or using any profane, abusive or derogatory language or gestures.

  • Abide by any codes of conduct mandated by the Federation of International Lacrosse

  • I recognize my actions both on and off the field represents the image of Puerto Rico Lacrosse Inc.,

  • It is my responsibility to represent my country, my people, and myself in a positive manner at all times.

  • I will abide by the laws set forth by the host nation and other International laws of countries that I will be crossing into.

  • I will abstain from alcohol consumption unless of the legal drinking age of the host nation.

  • I will abide by the legal drinking age of any International country that I will be present in.

  • I will abstain from drugs that have been deemed illegal by the United States Government.

  • I will abide by any rules set forth by the host nation.

  • I will be on time for all practices and games, with proper equipment, ready to play.

  • If I am injured or unable to play for any reason, I will still commit to attending all practices, team activities, and games.

  • I will always show respect to my teammates, coaches, and spectators through my words and my actions.

  • I will always demonstrate good sportsmanship to all players, officials, scorekeepers, and any person involved with lacrosse.

  • I will always be modest when victorious and gracious in defeat.

  • I will respect the privilege of the use of all facilities.

  • I will value the history of the game of lacrosse, play fairly, and follow it’s rules.

  • I will respect all player expectations from my coaching staff and administrators and accept responsibility for all consequences.

  • I will not use abusive and/or taunting language or actions while at practice, before, during, and after games.

  • I will not engage in discussions about playing time immediately before, during or immediately following a game.

  • I will always practice hard, play hard, have fun, and strive to do my best regardless of the score or the behavior of opponents and fans.

  • I understand wearing the Puerto Rico colors is a privilege and honor, and carries great significance to my people and my country.

  • I understand a single violation of any of my above commitments may result in my immediate dismissal or suspension from the National Program.

Gear Requirements

Gear requirements will vary from event to event.  Based on the gender, the minimum will be protective gear suitable for completion play along with uniform components bearing the Puerto Rico Lacrosse branding. Puerto Rico Lacrosse will design and coordinate uniforms purchases based on the event and make available prior to any scheduled event.  Typically it is expected that a player provides their own protective gear with the exception of a national event whereas the helmet/goggles will be included in the player package.  An event minimum will be a numbered pinnie bearing the Puerto Rico Lacrosse branding.